About Us

Our planet is rich in health traditions, we take the best of Our Botanics and bring them to you.

Our Botanics

We are a company focused on healthy alternatives to conventional medicine, we strongly believe in conscious choices of nutrition and the ancient knowledge of the world`s botanical tradition.

Our Mission

We firmly believe in a different way to approach health, our endeavor is to share the knowledge of traditional plant medicine of this planet to a broad audience keeping high ethic standards in the process.

Our Vision

We recognize the need for a sustainable approach to health, our vision is that of a world no longer waiting for illness to arrive to start making steps towards a sustainable way of living.

Why we started

After a long struggle to live in a healthy way, we learnt about mankind´s heritage in plant medicine and holistic approaches to health, we realized that modern society required of a new approach to life, so we brought “Our Botanics” to life as a way to share the knowledge and guarantee high standards in the making of natural products.

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Our Botanics

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